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Common Questions

Useful Information

Are you looking for just the right yoga studio to answer your needs? Still not sure which of our offerings is best for you?

These FAQs can help. If you have additional questions, we are happy to answer.

Child's Pose

Can I access your online classes at any time?

We are currently updating our online platform, stay tuned as we prepare to bring you guided Yoga, meditation and breath work classes everywhere!

Yoga Class

Which of your classes is best suited for me?

Beginning any new journey can take a little getting 'used to' and we welcome you to our studio.

It can sometimes take a few classes to get comfortable with any new experience.

Our beginners classes and all levels classes or will be geared for new students with clear instructions.

Speak to your teacher and let them know of any injuries or concerns you may have.

We are here to help you and to hold space for you to have the best experience. 

Yoga Stretch

Can I book a individual class?

Historically, Yoga was taught one-on-one whereby an experienced teacher would assess each student's needs, limitations and create a unique, personalized yoga practice to move the student towards a specific goal.

Individual Classes are an opportunity for an experienced teacher to asses each person and guide and motivate you as you explore and progress along your yoga practice. A private yoga class is typically 60-90 minutes long and may include breathing exercises, gentle stretching, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to enhance your yoga experience. With their guidance, you can learn to let go of stress, improve focus, and find inner peace in your practice and more importantly, in your daily life.

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