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Astrology Class

February 08, 2018



It’s time to learn about Astrology!

What’s going on with all the changes upon us today?

Astrology has the answer!


Join us on an exploration of the zodiac and learn how it effects what’s going on in the world as well as within our self.


Whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge of Astrology, this 7 week course will give you the tools to figure out yourself and others.


It will be held at One Yoga Planet

1pm – 3pm Thursdays

Begins February 8th.

$125.00 if you pay and Register by Jan 30th

$140 after Jan 30th

$20.00 per class, drop in.


For more information call Jacqueline 772.286.2720

Build Your Personal Altar

February 10, 2023

A personal altar is a dedicated “sacred space” for us to honor our intentions and manifest our dreams.  

Come learn all about Altars and stone combinations to make your very own unique altar that can be moved from room to room or travel the world!  Its theme can change with daily rituals, seasonally, or with the completion of individual goals.  Each participant will receive a sandstone altar base from the beach, 12 stones of your choice, a pretty bag, an information packet, and will have an unlimited choice of flowers, ribbons, coins and seaglass to decorate your personal Mini-Altar which reflects your personality, creativity, imagination, and spiritual energy!  There are absolutely no rules or limits to what you can create with all the materials I will be bringing! 

What will your Altar look like?

Join me on Saturday, February 10th at One Yoga Planet Vero from 1-3pm.

 Cost: $45.  Call Nikki today 772-539-2793  to reserve your spot.

 If you love crystals as much as I do,  don’t miss this wonderful hands-on energizing experience!  Hope to see you there!  K:)

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